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With water directly before the bow, this house could not be better located on the Mönchgut peninsula on Rügen's southwest corner. The clear view opens up in the southwest direction towards the Hagensche Wiek up to the Granitz hunting lodge on the Tempelberg mount. The vacation home is surrounded by the Zickerschen Alps at the stern. This slightly-curved, hilly landscape, which is more than 60 metres high, is part of the Southwest Rügen biosphere reserve, is grazed by sheep in an ecologically-responsible manner, and serves as a paradise for hikers and strollers.

Located only a hundred metres from the house, the bay beach makes for a popular reserve for kite surfers. It's only 1,800 meters by foot to the sandy beaches, which, between Lobbe and the seaside resort of Thiessow, slope into the crystal-clear Baltic Sea with a length of five kilometres; for those on a bike it only takes a few minutes. Even the popular Sellin seaside resort, with its numerous restaurants and resort architecture, is very close by.


Strandwood House
Am Hafen 2
18568 Gager / Rügen

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